The Ultimate Guide to Mamidikaya Nuvvula Pachadi

Mamidikaya nuvvula pachadi, an Andhra-style raw mango chutney preparation with sesame seeds or til and makes a delicious accompaniment with steamed rice

Mamidikaya nuvvula pachadi is a classic and traditional Andhra chutney made with fresh grated raw mango and toasted sesame seeds. The raw mango in Telugu is called mamidikaya, the sesame seeds are nuvvulu and the chutney is called pachadi. Raw mango or mamidikaya is widely used in Andhra cuisine, both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Each house has its own specialty raw mango dishes depending on the region or community and the availability of spices or ingredients. Some popular Andhra-style raw mango dishes are mamidikaya pappu or mango dal, mamidikaya pulusu or mango stew, mamidikaya pulihora or mango rice, mango rasam and mamidikaya kobbari pachadi or mango coconut chutney.

I am sharing a very old family recipe that is very appreciated in our family. By sharing this raw mango recipe with you, I am transported back to my youth. Raw mangoes make me nostalgic because they remind me of my grandmother who prepared a variety of chutneys, pickles, stews, curries with raw mango. Mamidikaya nuvvu pachadi is one of her classic recipes with raw mango. A simple but tasty vegetarian pachadi that will make you want more.

Toasted or roasted sesame seeds are the main ingredient that gives pachadi all its flavor. Whole red chillies are added to the quenching along with cumin seeds and curry leaves. It is important to use mangoes that are not too acidic. Mangoes should have a sweet-sour flavor. The sour flavor of the mango is balanced with the nutty flavor of the sesame and the subtle heat of the red peppers. With a subtle tart, spicy and nutty flavors, this raw mango chutney with a smooth texture is to die for. And I must tell you that the kitchen smells so good while preparing this pachadi. I love the way the beautiful green color of the raw mango is preserved in this vegan pachadi.

This is a simple recipe to make and the only preparation consists of peeling, grating the raw mango and roasting the sesame seeds and spices. It’s worth it, believe me. I invite you to try it when raw mangoes are in season. This raw mango chutney goes well with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee. You can also serve it with roti or dosa. It also works as a spread for crackers and it tastes DELICIOUS.

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