Mastering the Art of Mango Rabri

Mango Rabri recipe, an easy-to-prepare, traditional Indian dessert, prepared with reduced milk, mango puree and fragrant saffron, bursting with fruity summer aromas

Mango Rabri recipe is a simple dish with minimal ingredients, but high taste. A rich, creamy, fruity, traditional Indian dessert with a soft custard-like texture. A heavenly combination of creamy rabri, fruity mango and aromatic saffron.

I have a lot of ripe mangoes waiting to be finished. I spent the early morning hours making mango puree to make summer desserts like mango lassi, milkshake and smoothie. While the puree was being prepared, the milk for the Rabri preparation was simmering in front of it. It’s a time-consuming mango dish, but it’s worth the effort, since it’s a royal dessert.

A simple, summery dessert that makes good use of the best fruits of the season. The traditional way of preparing rabri takes time, because the milk needs to boil on a slow fire until it is reduced to a third of its original amount and turns into a thick mixture. The mango puree is mixed into the reduced milk once and gives an impressive texture. Rabri is versatile because you can add a variety of fruity flavors as add-ins. Mango Rabri has the right amount of sweetness, creamy with fragrant mango tones that provide a soothing goodness that only the king of fruits can. It turns out a top-class mango dessert, garnished with almond flakes, chopped pistachios and chopped mangoes. Also a perfect party dessert.

You can follow the faster way to prepare Aam ki Rabri by using condensed milk, which is equally delicious. Use sweet mangoes of good quality, and not those that have a sweet-tart taste. Since mangoes are sweet, the use of sugar is minimal. I would not advise using canned mango pulp. Use freshly mashed mangoes. I like it chilled, so the longer it’s in the fridge, the better the taste.

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