A Beginners Guide to Making North Indian Pickle

The green chilli pickle recipe is a tasty and instant North Indian-style achar made with fresh long green chillies, Indian spices such as mustard, fenugreek and mustard oil

My favorite achar from North India is undoubtedly the green chilli pickle. I really appreciate a simple and humble meal or a roti or a chapati with green pepper pickles aka hari mirch ki achar, salad and dahi (yogurt). A comforting meal that warms the soul. I am glad that I have developed an interest in making my own pickles. Store-bought pickles often lack the flavor and punch that authentic homemade pickles demand. We have been blessed with a lot of sunshine and our Indian climate is perfect for the preparation of pickles. Our family is crazy about pickles and you will always find at least 10 to 12 varieties of homemade pickles at any given time. 🙂

The North Indian style green chilli pickle has been a staple in our house alongside avakai (Andhra mango pickle). Roti or paratha served with green chilli pickles is perfect for your lunch box. When traveling, I love to snack on mathri or khakra with mirchi achar.

One of the easiest instant green chilli pickle recipes you can make. Even a novice cook cannot go wrong with the recipe for pickles. It is also simple and quick to do. In the north and west of India, each house has its own unique spice blend that goes into the chili pickle. A green chilli pickle prepared by the Marwari community is to die for. I enjoyed the aloo or paneer paratha with green chilli, my North Indian friends used to bring their dabba for lunch. Absolutely irresistible and addictive hari mirch ki achar! Over the years, I have relied on three types of green chilli pickles. And one of them is a sweet green chilli pickle to die for. You can expect the other variants of green chilli pickles in the next articles.

Method and tips for the preparation of green chilli pickles

Green chillies grown in the western part of India differ from the southern variety in color, shape and heat. I recommend the use of long, light green and fleshy green peppers that are used in the preparation of mirchi bajji. You can use any green chilli that is not too hot or over medium heat. You can marinate them by cutting them into bite-sized pieces or use the whole green chilli. If you are using the green chilli as a whole, make a slit in the center and stuff the ground spice mixture. Follow the rest of the procedure provided in the recipe for green chilli pickles.

Mustard seeds are responsible for the pungent and pungent flavor. They give body to the pickle and loads of flavors with fennel seeds, turmeric powder, lemon juice and asafoetida. My Marwari friends recommend the use of mustard oil for this chili pickle. This makes a big difference in the flavor of the pickle matured over time. You can also use any other vegetable oil except olive oil. I dry the spices in the sun for two days (summer months) before the pickles are prepared. You can even dry roast the spices just before making the pickle.
Be sure to pour hot oil over the green chilli and spice mixture. Leave it uncovered until the pickle cools completely. There should be no traces of moisture and dry the glass jar in the sun before placing the finished pickle in it.

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